Full Service Options

Premium Full Bar: $24pp

Basic Full Bar: $18pp

Premium Beer and Wine: $14pp

Basic Beer and Wine: $12pp

Other Service Options

Bar Services Only: $5pp ($300 minimum)

Transport: Flat $100 fee

Add-On Options

Champagne: +$3pp

Specialty Cocktail (each): ~+$1pp (will depend on the drink)

Banquet Glass Rental: +$0.75pp

Crystal Glass Rental: +$1.25pp

Extra Bartenders (each): +$1pp

Rental of Extra Mobile Bars (each): +$2pp

Travel beyond 25 miles of Macon: +$2pp/25 miles

Any payments made by card will have a 3.5% fee added for processing. If you'd like to mail a check, I'd be more than happy to accept.

$200 is required to book and is nonrefundable.

Full payment must be made within three (3) weeks of the event.


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